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RN Salary in NC: Job Descriptions and Opportunities

Written by: North Carolina Central University   •  Nov 13, 2023

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RN Salary in NC: Job Descriptions and Opportunities

Nurses play a pivotal role throughout the health care industry, providing direct patient care while supporting the work of physicians and specialists. Given the integral nature of nursing, it should come as no surprise that opportunities in this field abound. Nationally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that career prospects for registered nurses (RNs) are set to increase by 6% by 2032, a growth rate higher than the average for all professions.

This same level of opportunity also plays out in more localized contexts, including in the state of North Carolina. Those who wish to succeed in the nursing field will find plenty to love in the Tar Heel State because of not only the competitive RN salary in NC but also the sheer variety of positions available. By earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, and then gaining RN licensure, aspiring nurses can take their first steps toward long-lasting success, whether in NC or elsewhere.

What Is an RN?

First, it may be helpful to understand the general role of an RN. An RN is a licensed medical professional who provides general care and triage for patients, working alongside a team of doctors, technicians, and fellow nurses.

RNs can work in a range of contexts, including hospitals, private practices, and community clinics. They can also support patient outcomes in various specialties. For example, nursing positions are available in oncology care, pediatrics, obstetrics, and mental health care.

While the specific duties of an RN can vary from one role to the next, some general responsibilities are the following:

  • Keeping records of patient symptoms and medical histories
  • Administering medications and other treatments
  • Providing first aid and wound care
  • Performing diagnostic tests
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  • Offering general education and advice for disease prevention and overall wellness

What’s the Typical RN Salary in NC?

Those who are interested in nursing careers will naturally have questions about the salary range. As for the typical RN salary in NC, ZipRecruiter shows a median annual salary of about $68,570 as of October 2023. Payscale also reports an average annual salary of $70,370 in Raleigh, NC as of October 2023.

Numerous factors can affect the salary. For example, an oncology nurse’s salary may differ quite a bit from a pediatric nurse’s salary, even when they both work within the same hospital or health system.

What Are Common RN Positions in NC?

One of the great draws of the nursing profession is that it affords many different opportunities to support patient outcomes, including various roles for RNs to choose from. Consider just a few RN positions that are available in NC and beyond.

Nursing Managers

RNs who are talented in administration, leadership, and management may seek the nursing manager position, acting as a liaison between staff and upper management. The primary role of the nursing manager is to supervise the nursing staff, ensuring that all nurses meet relevant regulations and safety guidelines. Nursing managers may also have a role in recruiting, hiring, and training other nursing professionals.

This position may require additional certifications, and many nursing managers obtain postgraduate degrees, entitling them to slightly higher salaries. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for nursing managers in NC is approximately $85,970 as of October 2023.

Nurse Case Managers

Patients who have chronic conditions often need many different medical and social support services. RNs who work as nurse case managers help to coordinate this care, providing a seamless continuum of services over the patient’s lifetime. This is an especially great position for nurses who also have an interest in social work.

ZipRecruiter shows an average annual salary of roughly $80,160 for nurse case managers in NC as of October 2023.

Nurse Coordinators

Nurse coordinators oversee all other nurses, patient cases, and elements of clinical care. This includes training medical staff, developing care plans, evaluating patients, and more. This position is a good option for nurses who want to improve their administrative and leadership skills, but who also want to devote some of their time to patient care.

According to ZipRecruiter, nurse coordinators in NC make an average annual salary of around $86,190 as of October 2023.

Prepare for a Competitive RN Salary in NC

Nurses play a pivotal role throughout the health care industry, supporting the work of doctors, providing comfort and care for patients, and advising concerned family members. To develop the skills needed for long-term success in nursing, including a competitive RN salary in NC, enrolling in an established RN training program is important.

Even those already working in nursing roles can benefit from a higher degree. Consider the online RN to BSN program at North Carolina Central University which is designed to impart the core competencies needed for impactful work across a range of nursing and nurse leadership roles.

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